It’s Time to Create a Foundation for a Better Future

I’m working on a social enterprise to build the first decentralized platform for sexual and reproductive health data.

I advise major INGOs on web3 strategy and the legal and governance aspects of moving into this space.

I run a full service NFT agency. But I'm here to explore philanthropy/social impact/charity at the intersection of web3.

It’s so exciting to have found a tribe that’s taking moonshots and making waves. 8x startup founder who now works exclusively in DAOs. Over at Krause House DAO, I’m leading a proposal for us to earn a stake in the NBA’s New Orleans Pelicans by delivering acts of goodwill from the community.

My mission is to help completely remove all the secret unexploded bombs that cover 2/3rds of the land mass of Laos. We are doing this by contributing 50% of initial sales from NFTs to the Legacies of War foundation who are working relentlessly in helping.

Web3 has the promise to improve people’s lives in ways that we are just beginning to uncover. These quotes are from people who are at the edges of creating this new future and just a sampling of the type of people you'll meet if you join the Future Foundation discord server.

By the way, you should absolutely join us, but more on that in just a bit.

Just a few weeks ago, we launched Future Foundation as a bit of an experiment. We had a hunch that web3 had so much promise in creating a more just and joyful future, but it wasn't going to happen by accident. It was going to happen because we came together as a community to design it.

In the spirit of building out loud, we hung out our shingle and crossed our fingers. Would anyone show up? Would we find common ground to work together? Would people be stoked to help each other and build up the broader web3 x social impact space?

Yes, yes, and hell yeah.

Over the past few weeks, we’ve welcomed over 270 people who are all interested in the web3 x social impact space, and we’re just getting started.

Following the wisdom that networks move at the speed of trust, we’ve been using this time to get to know each other, learn more about each other’s work and interest in the web3 x social impact space, and begin a practice of actively seeking and receiving help.

We’ve also used this time to unpack the intersection of web3 and social impact and discuss what Future Foundation and this nascent space could and should look like. This is what we learned.

What We're Seeing

There is so much optimism for the future of web3 and social impact.

We are all here because we have this intuitive sense that things can be different, that we can design systems that are more just and joyful for everyone. We’re inspired by the Cambrian explosion of innovation that has been happening in the web3 space, and we’re excited to support and accelerate the pace of innovation in the web3 x social impact space, build out loud, and root for future forks and iterations on this model.

We’re excited about the potential of local, place-based programs as well as opportunities for global, systemic change. We are not afraid to dream big and question the underlying assumptions of the systems around us, and we are inspired by how people are responding to challenges at all scales through web3.

Whether it is addressing climate change, creating new income opportunities through play-to-earn models, experimenting with UBI programs, or incentivizing acts of service in a community, we are excited to support the growing web3 x social impact space.

If we don’t intentionally design it, we’ll recreate the systems and structures that have failed so many in the past. It can be easy to get swept up in the excitement of this space, but we know that web3 isn’t a panacea. We know that most of the world won’t be able to enjoy the promise of web3 unless critical barriers - whether they are of access, affordability, digital confidence, relevance, etc. - are addressed and overcome.

There is growing recognition that even when people do have the ability and means to use web3, there are issues of bias and exclusion. We’re encouraged by projects like Komorebi Fund, an investment DAO focused on funding female and nonbinary crypto founders, and Audacity Fund, a crypto fund focused on Black and African founders, and we know that there is much more work that needs to be done in this space.

Our Core Beliefs

We started Future Foundation based on a core set of beliefs, and they have only been reaffirmed through these early weeks with our growing community.

  • We believe that we can create a more just and joyful world through design, technology, and community.
  • We believe that progress is possible, but not inevitable.
  • We believe that new technologies and behaviors emerging from web3 create new possibilities for creativity, coordination, and ownership.
  • We believe that we need action at both local and global levels if we are to redesign our systems so that they benefit everyone.
  • We believe that without a clear intention, the world's most vulnerable populations will be the last to benefit from the promise of web3 and the broader digital economy.

So, what are we going to do?

Future Foundation’s mission is to support web3 x social impact organizations and the broader web3 x social impact ecosystem.

Based on feedback from the community, we're starting with three program areas.

Reimagine social impact funding We’ve experienced first-hand the art and science of grant-making, and we are excited to experiment with different web3-enabled mechanisms of raising and distributing funds.

We are excited to explore the range of possibilities for raising funds for social impact causes and organizations. We’ve seen scholarships in the play-to-earn space, NFT projects donating funds to charities, and charity-focused NFT platforms emerge. But what’s beyond the horizon?

In turn, we’re excited to experiment with different forms of decentralized decision-making processes. Vitalik argues that we need to move away from coin voting as the only legitimate form of decentralized governance, and we agree. This space is ripe for innovation – especially in creating decision-making processes that are more equitable, effective, efficient, and emphasizes lived experience – and we’re excited to build out loud and try out different mechanisms with the community.

Imagine if… web3 blurred the lines between donor and recipient and created a community that owned their path to a better tomorrow.

Support web3 x social impact causes and organizations But of course, the funds don't matter without the projects and organizations. We're excited by the huge growth in web3 x social impact organizations, and we want to figure out how we can best help them grow - whether it is through capital, capacity building, access to specific expertise, or something else - and achieve their respective missions.

To do that, we’re looking to support web3-native and web3-curious social impact organizations by bringing together leaders from the web3 and social impact spaces.

We’re inspired by models like Kernel and Seed Club, and we can’t wait to meet and support the next generation of web3 x social impact leaders and communities.

Imagine if… web3 x social impact organizations could tap into the treasuries and talent networks of the leading web3 projects today.

Build, Connect, and Amplify the web3 x social impact ecosystem We’ve already seen people and projects connect with each other on the Future Foundation discord server, and we know that this is just the beginning. Partnerships have been formed, nonprofits have been brought onto donation platforms, and working groups are forming to explore big topics like defi in emerging markets and web3 x climate.

We know that there is value in getting smarter, celebrating wins, learning from failures, and rooting for each other as a network, and we’ll continue to create assets and spaces that benefit the broader web3 x social impact community.

Imagine if... we could build the lego blocks of web3 x social impact projects that future projects can use to build upon our work and create new possibilities.

How to get involved

We are excited to finally introduce Future Foundation to everyone, and we can’t wait to come together and work towards creating a more just and joyful world.

We are going to transition this community into a DAO in the near future! Here are some ways to get involved today.

Hop into the Discord: If you’re interested in exploring the web3 x social impact space and meeting some of the leaders in this space, come join us. We can’t wait to meet you and build with you.

Join the Roster: Are you down to collaborate with web3 x social impact organizations? If so, there are a bunch of web3 x social impact organizations that would love your help. We’re looking for people with backgrounds in web3 (e.g., designer, developer, tokenomics, community manager) and the social impact space (e.g., nonprofit leader, climate change, financial health, youth leadership, legal, policy, advocacy). Join the roster and let us know how you can best help.

Say Hello: Are you a web3-native or web3-curious social impact organization that would like support in leveraging web3 to amplify your mission? Let us know. We’d love to work with you.

Fund us: You can begin funding the Future Foundation treasury by collecting this post as an NFT. The funds will be used to fund core DAO operations and help us compensate contributors who are all working on creating a more just and joyful world. You can also make a donation to Future Foundation’s Community Fund. These funds will be managed by Future Foundation and directed towards 501(c)(3) organizations in the United States.

Big thank you to Lina (@doodlesafstrom) for creating the beautiful cover image.

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